Monday, September 23, 2013

Here's the catch for Samples Identified up to Sept 19*

Weekly trap catches were down in all locations with green peach aphids being recovered in Hoople and Crookston.  The season is shutting down and aphid flights of all species were down this week, including soybean aphids and Buckthorn aphids (both may already have made return flights to their overwintering host, buckthorn).  Trap reports are decreased as well; several sites have harvested and traps are out of the field. 

In reviewing the seasonal cumulative trap catches, 7 sites had more than 100 total vector captures, 4 of these had over 200 total captures. Given past history of suction trap results, this would qualify as a high vector year.

* These trap catches sorted and ID'd in this report were trapped in the previous week.  It generally takes 2 days to receive trap catches after being returned by a cooperator and then 1-2 days to be sorted and ID'd.  The results will be updated again Aug 23.  If needed, contact the lab at  218.281.8633 and ask for Ian or Nate...

Weekly Trap Catch (click on the image for larger version)   
Cumulative Seasonal Catch (click on the image for larger version)